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How did this challenge arise?

“I lost a couple of stone in weight leading up to Christmas and knew I needed to do some exercise to help keep the weight off during 2023 and beyond.

As I’ve had problems with my knees, I knew I couldn’t return to running and having been knocked off my road bike in 2022 was looking for an alternative so I settled on rowing! I was then daft enough to mention my challenge idea at a social event to the chair of the charity,

Michelle and she suggested I raise money for the STF.  Having had a few drinks, I agreed that was a good idea! In the cold light of day, what it represents in time, effort and commitment made me realise that this is a real CHALLENGE.  1,000,000 metres divided by 365 days is only 2,740 metres per day, surely that can’t be too difficult. BUT I started with less than 365 days left in 2023!

  • How many days can I actually get to the gym?

  • What about time away on holiday or away with work with no gym access or if I’m ill?!


2023 Indoor Rowing Challenge (update)
Here is a follow up on the rowing challenge three months into it, which is longer than the monthly 
update I suggested at the start!

This was a great start and I rowed for 160,127 metres (m) when the monthly amount required was 
93,000m.  This was due to enthusiasm when initially starting and being aware that I would be skiing 
and travelling with work during February.  I really enjoyed the progress I was making but I do think 
my body was used to it and it took a lot out of me. I didn’t row for 8 out of the 31 days.

This month became a reality check and I only rowed 66,214m when I needed to do 84,000m.  
Expected to row less due to being away from home but it turned out to be much worse than it 
should have been.  I missed 14 days out of the 28, half a month wasn’t good and glad I had the 
January start.

This month was better and a recovery on the February effort.  I rowed 110,322m compared to the 
93,000m I needed to do, so almost eliminated the February shortfall.  I missed 12 days of the 31 
mainly due to 4 being at the end when I visited Paris.
Overall, in the three months I needed to row 270,000m to meet my schedule and managed to row 
336,663m, up on target by 66,663m. So, first part of year gone well and all on track.  


THANK YOU for any support you can provide.

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