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Crossfit Rowing Machines

2023 Indoor Rowing Challenge

STF Trustee, Nigel Hall, is completing a rowing challenge to raise money for the charity during 2023.  He intends to row one million metres during the year.

It would be great if you can support Nigel and make a donation or if you have joined in and challenged yourself please let us know!


Elsewhere within this site you can read about some of the good causes we have supported and look to support going forward.

Biking in Nature

The Surrey Trials

The last challenge completed on the 17th October, with 3 routes plotted for 50K, 100K and 160K through the Surrey countryside.


The intrepid Stixy Challenge participants all completed their course of choice and push themselves to new goals. Well done all!


London to Brighton Bike Ride

As soon as the first lot of restrictions were lifted Arlie Talboys And his friend Luis Callaghan decided to cycle from Claygate to Brighton to raise money for the charity. Steve was also a keen cyclist and Arlie wanted to continue to make sure his Dads bike got the mileage in that Steve was no longer able to do. They cycled 93 km in 3hr 55mins. They started raising money 24 hours prior to the cycle and raised £2434.20.  The challenge continues.....

“Stixy Challenges” are those life-list activities that you’ve always wanted to achieve but haven't done just yet! Named after Stixy, celebrating his love of a challenge combined with a huge slice of humour, these events are organised by small groups who want to set themselves personal goals, have fun and raise money for charity.  Get in touch and let us know what you're planning! 

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