The Steve Talboys Foundation - Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

Our Vision  
Every child and young person in Surrey is offered the life changing benefits of amateur sport to enable them to become the best they can be.  

Our Mission 
We give children and young people in Surrey the opportunity to access amateur sport in their local community.

Our Goals 

  • Enhance health and wellbeing: supporting children and young people to improve their fitness and mental well being  

  • Boost attainment and achievement: ensuring children and young people have access to coaching and facilities to succeed and develop their skills in their chosen sport 

  • Develop life skills: empowering children and young people too develop transferable skills through sport that will benefit their everyday lives  

  • Increase confidence and improve relationships with others: using sporting interaction to increase self-esteem and enable children and young people to develop healthy successful relationships  

  • Encourage enjoyment of sport: making sport accessible to children and young people in Surrey  

Our Charitable objects 
The advancement of amateur sport for children and young people in Surrey by:

  • Providing financial support to local amateur sports clubs for children and young people in Surrey

  • Providing financial support to individual children or young people in Surrey who may be held back by their financial situation from pursuing their sporting goal